Clergy Abuse Survivors:
2019 Update:

New York child sexual abuse lawyers can now bring claims for survivors of sexual abuse by priests, teachers, and youth counselors. New York’s new Child Victims Act gives abuse survivors new rights. Beginning in August of 2019, there will be a one-year window to bring lawsuits against churches, schools and other organizations.

Lawsuits filed prematurely face the prospect of a dismissal. During the one-year “look-back” period, a survivor of any age may bring a claim even if the abuser has died.

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New York Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Sexual abuse is hard to talk about. If you were abused as a child in New York State and have questions, we have answers.

We know it’s hard to talk about child sexual abuse. That’s why we make the following promises:

  • You’ll speak directly with Mr. Boyd. That conversation can take place over the phone or face to face. You’ll make that decision.
  • Every word of your story will be kept in the strictest confidence. Your secret is safe here.
  • You’ll learn your rights and options without a sales pitch. We understand what you’ve been through and we don’t want to cause any more trauma.
  • We won’t take any action on your behalf until you’re completely ready and we’ll respect your wishes even if you decide not to pursue a case.
  • Some cases settle. Some cases go to trial. We will prepare the right case plan for your individual circumstances.

New York’s new Child Victims Act gives abuse survivors new rights. Beginning in the summer of 2019, there will be a one-year window to bring claims against churches, schools and other organizations.


Steve Boyd is the only Lawyer in New York State to graduate from both of the top two Trial Colleges in the United States. No New York lawyer can match his credentials.

It is often difficult for those who were sexually abused by a priest as a child to come forward to discuss the abuse with an attorney. Attorney Steve Boyd has been investigating priest sexual abuse since the early 1990’s when he was a journalist. Steve earned the highest decision by the Buffalo Diocese IRCP, the settlement fund of the Diocese of Buffalo.


We know that the sexual abuse of a child is extremely damaging. That’s why every time a new client contacts us, we keep the entire matter confidential.

This type of abuse can cause lifelong trauma, feelings of guilt, and difficulty trusting others. Instances of sexual abuse have been reported against clergy of the Catholic Church as far back as the early 1900s. Since then, thousands of priests have been accused of sexual abuse globally. Many of these priests were and are members of the Diocese of Buffalo and the Diocese of Rochester. Our priest sexual abuse lawyers have decades of experience investigating cases such as these, and have fought for claims involving sexual abuse by a priest throughout New York State.

Recently, attorney Steve Boyd obtained the highest mediation decision of any attorney bringing a case against the Diocese of Buffalo.

If you or someone you know has been sexually abused by a priest of the Buffalo Diocese or the Rochester Diocese and need legal representation, please contact us by filling out our form or calling us at 716-400-0000.

for a free consultation. Below you will find additional information about these cases and our attorneys’ experience in cases of clergy sexual abuse in Western New York.

Buffalo Priest Sexual Abuse Lawyers

Holding Abusers Responsible

Members of the clergy are supposed to be spiritual leaders of their communities. They are supposed to be trustworthy people. There is now proof that over 100 priests of the Diocese of Buffalo exploited that trust to commit atrocious acts of sexual abuse against children. They used their influence to ruin hundreds of lives in and around Western New York. Not only did their positions in the church grant them power over vulnerable parishioners, but they were protected by their higher ups when complaints were made.

The Roman Catholic Church and its Clergy

Historically, instead of holding these criminals responsible, the Catholic Church has acted to relocate accused priests. Instead of attempting to stop these horrific crimes committed by their organization, members of the church have doubled down, even going so far as to blame the victims. That practice stops here. It’s time to hold the predators and their protectors responsible for their crimes against children.

Priests who sexually abused children have been protected and defended around the world, and Western New York is no different. The local Diocese have returned priests accused of such crimes to active ministry. It’s happened over and over again. No reports were made to law enforcement, and the predators were placed back in contact with children in a different school community or parish.

Although some priests have been found guilty after internal investigations by the Diocese, at best these clergymen have quietly been removed from ministry. No priest has ever been criminally indicted in Buffalo, and only a handful of Rochester area priests have ever been criminally charged. These so called “investigations” by the Diocesan Review Board have been secretive and ineffective. The process of these reviews is unknown, and in some cases the Diocese has had knowledge of a priest’s abuse for decades before removing him from ministry. In addition, the Diocese of Buffalo previously made attempts to hide reports of abuse without investigation, allowing the priest to continue sexually abusing children.

The criminals and those who protect them have gone directly against the teachings of the Catholic Church, their responsibilities to those who trusted them as religious leaders, and against basic human morals. The survivors of these crimes deserve full and fair compensation.

Sexual abuse is hard to talk about. It’s painful. There are thousands of priest sexual abuse survivors who have not yet come forward. No amount of compensation can make up for the crimes that these people endured as children, but those responsible must be held accountable for their actions and their inactions.

Why choose to hire a priest sexual abuse lawyer?

Cases involving priest sexual abuse are difficult to handle. These cases can be extremely complicated and difficult to prove. We work with some of the best experts in the country and know how to present your case in the strongest possible manner.

Steve Boyd has been investigating instances of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy of Western New York since 1993. As a reporter, he uncovered the first large scale priest sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Diocese of Buffalo. This level of experience and understanding of these cases is unmatched in Buffalo and Rochester. Mr. Boyd is currently handling a number of these cases and continuously fights for his clients and their cases.

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