New York Priest Cases – 2019 Update: The Child Victims Act

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New York survivors of check sexual abuse can now bring claims. Lawyers for survivors of child sex abuse can now file lawsuits on behalf of their adult victims, NO MATTER HOW LONG AGO THE ABUSE occurred.

Hundreds of Catholic priests have been credibly accused of sexual abuse of children and until now have escaped liability.

The Catholic Church has paid millions to abuse survivors. For decades, they covered up the extent of priest abuse in New York?

In the past there was no legal recourse for people who were abused as kids, because the statute of limitations prevented civil cases from being filed after just a few years. That now changes under New York’s Child Victims Act which will open a one-year look back window for survivors to bring claims against priests and the Catholic Church.

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Why is The Child Victims Act Important?

The Child Victims Act passed unanimously on January 28, 2019. This important law gives adults who were sexually abused by clergy, teachers, and youth counselors as children a legal avenue to file claims against those who abused them and against the organizations that employed the abusers.

The Child Victims Law will hold a long list of abusers legally liable for the acts committed upon children. The old statute of limitations in New York is now gone. It is replaced in two ways:

  1. A one year look-back period for survivors of any age to bring a claim.
  2. A new statute of limitations for current and future victims to bring claims up to the age of 55.

With the passage of the law, hundreds of adult victims of New York priest abuse will have the time they need to file a civil claim against the perpetrator and the church.

What Should I Do If I am a Victim of New York Priest Abuse?

Coming forward to report sexual abuse by a priest can be extremely difficult and emotionally painful. You can report abuse through the New York Attorney General’s clergy abuse hotline. The complaint form states that an investigator will contact you to discuss your allegations. You are required to enter your name and contact information.

Disclosing this information may be overwhelming for some individuals. If you want to come forward but are concerned about your identity becoming public, we encourage you to contact our law firm for a free confidential consultation. Any information you disclose to our office will be sent directly to Attorney Steve Boyd and will be kept in the strictest confidence.
For many people who were abused by a priest in New York in their childhood, having an attorney who understands these cases is critical. Attorney Steve Boyd is a former journalist who began uncovering priest sexual abuse in 1993. Today he represents adult victims from New York State whose abuse was covered up. He understands how the abuse impacted thousands of lives over decades. If you wish to inquire about bringing a case against a priest for sexual abuse in New York, you’ll speak with Steve Boyd directly.

We Provide a Safe, Confidential Environment for You to Discuss Your Abuse by a New York State Priest

We understand it is extremely difficult to come forward to tell anyone about your experience as the victim of New York priest sexual abuse. Attorney Steve Boyd understands that in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s it was very difficult for children to come forward to accuse a priest of sexual abuse. For some devout Catholics, it was unspeakable. Steve Boyd understands that even as adults, it is difficult for victims to come forward to talk about their experience of being abused by a priest in New York.
You can read more about Attorney Boyd’s early personal struggles with priest sex abuse cases in his blog by clicking here. You can also watch his first report of priest abuse when he was a TV news journalist. He was giving a voice to victims then, and he continues to do so now.

Helping Victims of Sexual Abuse by Priests Receive Justice and Closure

Fewer than 20 percent of the victims have come forward to date. Our goal is to provide individuals with a safe environment to tell their stories. We want New York priest abuse victims to know that people care about what happened to them when they were children.

Our law firm seeks justice for individuals abused as children in New York. We work diligently to hold priests and the Catholic Church responsible for the damage they have caused to many innocent individuals.

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