Here is something the insurance company would prefer you didn’t know:

Insurance companies collect billions in premiums.  When an injury occurs and the person they insured caused it, the insurance company sets aside a large amount of money called a “reserve” in every case.   Once they set that reserve, they can’t touch the money until the case ends.

The insurance company then fights over the true value of the case.  If the company can settle for less than the reserve, the difference is profit.  If a claim is reserved at $5,000,000 and the case settles for $3,000,000 the insurance company pockets the difference of $2,000,000.  That’s why they fight so hard to pay as little as possible.

In almost every personal injury case, the responsible person has insurance and the insurance company is calling the shots.  We fight hard to make sure that our injured clients get the full amount owed them to make up for all of their losses.