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Personal Injury Insurance
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We all buy insurance.  Nearly every personal injury case involves an insurance company that does not want to pay for an injury caused by their insured.   The name of the person who caused the injury is listed on any lawsuit, but in truth it is actually a case against the insurance company.  They hire expert defense lawyers and they decide whether to offer any money or force the case to trial.

Insurance companies are profit machines.  They don’t make money by paying injured people.  Even when fault is clear, they minimize the amount they have to pay.

Most insurance companies employ the same tactics, these include:

  • Hiring specialized lawyers who will insinuate that their insured was not at fault.
  • Affiliating with doctors who they pay to say our client is not really hurt.
  • Doing everything they can to protect insurance company profits.

The insurance company is experienced at using these tactics, and you need experience on your side working to get you full and fair compensation.  We have over 60 years of legal experience between us and know how to take on the big insurance companies. We do it every day.