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Sexual abuse and sexual assault cause lifetime injuries. Victims suffer in many ways, including post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.

As a reporter, Steve Boyd was honored by the Associate Press for uncovering the first largescale priest sex abuse scandal in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo.   The Diocese is under investigation again.  This time by the United States Justice Department and the New York State Attorney General.

Experienced Sex Abuse Attorney

Steve is experienced in handling a variety of sexual abuse cases involving priests, teachers and their employers.

As a father raising his family in Buffalo, Steve understands the sensitivity required in handling these cases, especially when kids are involved.

There are usually two primary concerns for victims of sexual abuse: obtaining the proper treatment and maintaining confidentiality.  In Buffalo sexual abuse cases, it’s critical that the victim get help from the appropriate professionals to provide therapy and evaluate the long term harms and losses resulting from the abuse.  We also understand that in many cases the victim and their family will not want the abuse made public.  We will take all appropriate steps to make sure these wishes are respected.

New York State is one of the last states to extend the statute of limitations for people abused as children.  It is expected that the State will soon pass the Child Victim’s Act and allow victims who were abused years ago to bring lawsuits against pedophiles and their employers.

If you are a victim of child sexual abuse or the parent of an abuse victim, you can meet with Steve Boyd to confidentially discuss your legal rights.