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When someone is injured because a large corporation puts something dangerous on the market, they can make a claim against the manufacturer or distributor of the dangerous product. Dangerous product injury lawsuits cover many different types of dangerous or defective items. These include:

  • Cars that suffer from brake failure due to a design defect
  • Home and personal use items that the manufacturer knows contain cancer causing chemicals
  • Food infected with e. coli bacterium

In some cases it is obvious that the product is a dangerous product, such as when food poisoning is caused by contaminated food. Other dangerous product cases can be much more complex. A good example is when a car is involved in a collision and catches fire. Cars are supposed to be designed for safety. A good personal injury lawyer will investigate whether the car is properly designed. If it wasn’t and someone was injured, that person may be entitled to compensation.

Because this area of personal injury law involves so many possible dangerous or defective products, it helps to have an experienced personal injury lawyer. Our firm has handled many different types of personal injury cases involving dangerous products and would be happy to help.