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This is Pinot.  She’s our firm mascot.  Pinot is a rescue dog.  Her owner Stephanie asked if Pinot could come to work for a couple weeks while she got used to her new life.  That was more than two years ago.  She’s still here every day. We all love Pinot.  At our firm, we’re dog lovers.  We also handle vicious dog bite cases.

Like humans, pets and farm animals can have very different personalities. Some are very friendly and sociable, some like to keep to themselves, and some just shouldn’t be around strangers.

In making a claim for a personal injury caused by a dog, horse or other domestic animal, it’s up to the injured person to prove that the owner should have suspected a problem with the animal before the attack occurred.

New York Animal Attack Lawsuits

New York has some of the toughest laws in the country when it comes to this type of injury. We’ve dealt with many dog bite and horse injury cases, including cases involving children with serious facial scars. We’ve argued Erie and Niagara County cases in the highest courts. At our Buffalo personal injury law firm, we’ll put our team to work to uncover the proof needed to get the best settlement possible.

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