Who Is Responsible When A Passenger Suffers Personal Injury In A Car Accident?

June 27, 2014

Many personal injury accidents in Buffalo involve injuries to passengers.  When a passenger is injured in an accident, they are allowed to make a claim for damages against anyone who was responsible for the motor vehicle collision.  It does not matter if the responsible person is the driver of the car in which the passenger was riding.

Deciding exactly who to seek damages from depends on the specific circumstances of the case and may require the help of an experienced personal injury lawyer.  In some cases, such as when a moving motor vehicle strikes the rear of a vehicle already sitting at a stop light, determining who was responsible may be a fairly easy. In other cases, both drivers may have some responsibility for the accident and, as a result, both have some legal liability for a passenger’s injuries.

Under some circumstances, a driver may even have some responsibility for failing to avoid an accident, even if he or she did not perform the initial negligent act that led to the collision.  This requires, however, that the driver have sufficient time to react to the actions of the other vehicle.

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