Recovering Lost Wages Through No Fault Insurance.

May 14, 2013

When a person suffers a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident, one of the biggest concerns is how they will pay their bills if they cannot work.  To help replace lost wages, all Buffalo drivers are required to have $50,000 in Personal Injury Protection Insurance as part of their car insurance policies.  This $50,000 may be used to pay for lost wages and medical expenses following a personal injury accident.

Personal Injury Insurance only covers expenses for three years following an accident and is limited to a maximum of $2,000 per month in lost wages.  As a result, for people who earn more money or have long term injuries, it is possible that the amount available in mandatory Personal Injury Protection Insurance will not meet their needs.

To fill this gap, drivers can also purchase Additional Personal Injury Protection.  When doing so, a driver should carefully consider what he or she will need should an injury occur.  If, for example, the driver will need more than $2,000 per month to pay normal expenses, he or she should make sure that when adding Additional Personal Injury Protection, the total amount that may be paid per month in lost wages is increased.  This change is not always automatically made to the policy when adding Additional Personal Injury Protection.  Drivers should check with their insurance provider to make sure their policy is being adjusted in ways that meet their needs should a personal injury accident occur.

While we are personal injury attorneys, not insurance lawyers, we assist our personal injury clients in setting up No Fault Insurance to help meet their needs while their personal injury claim is being resolved.  If you have been injured in a car accident and need help, please call us at 716-400-0000.