Preserving Your Personal Injury Claim Following A Buffalo Motor Vehicle Accident

September 6, 2013

Suffering a personal injury in a motor vehicle accident not only affects you physically, but economically as well.  The inability to work and make a living can take a toll on both you and your family, and getting fair compensation from an insurance company is a daunting task.  If you have suffered a personal injury, the following steps may help you preserve your case and obtain fair compensation.

First, you should detail any changes to your condition following the accident, including the injuries, pains you suffer, discomfort, loss of sleep, anxiety and any other problems caused by the accident.  Make sure your medical providers are aware of all issues caused by the accident.  Not only will it help them to diagnose and properly treat you, but it is also helpful to your personal injury lawyer when all of your medical issues are properly documented in the medical records. For economic losses, record all losses starting with working hours, job opportunities and interviews missed.  You should also document missed classes, events and gatherings with family and friends, vacations and anything else that your injuries barred you from attending.

Second, you, a family member or a friend should return to the scene of accident as soon as possible to try capturing and preserving physical evidence.  Several photographs should be taken from different angles, preferably at the same time of day as the accident, to demonstrate traffic and other conditions.  Photographs should also be taken of the damage sustained by your vehicle.

Third, you should speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can help determine if you have a personal injury claim.  At Steve Boyd PC, we have handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident cases.  If you have any questions regarding an automobile case, there is no charge for any initial consultation with one of our attorneys.  Call us at 716-400-0000.