Personal Injuries Caused by Fatigued Truck Drivers

September 10, 2013

Many busy highways run through Buffalo and Western New York.  This means more truck drivers on the road and an increased risk of personal injury caused by fatigued truck drivers.  The dangers posed by fatigued truck drivers are no secret.  Cases involving tired drivers are particularly high for truck and semi-tractor trailer drivers because many drive long distances without rest.  Unfortunately, motor vehicle accidents involving trucks and semi-tractor trailers often do not just cause personal injury, but instead lead to the death of other drivers.

Studies support that fatigued driving causes many truck accidents. For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that about 100,000 of the truck crashes recorded by the police and documented in their study were caused chiefly by tired driving and that such crashes accounted for over 1,550 deaths plus 71,000 injuries, as well as monetary losses amounting to about $12.5 billion.  The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has found that staying awake for 18 hours a day can be similar to having a blood alcohol content of about 0.08%, which in legal terms indicates that being awake for 18 hours a day and driving is the equivalent of driving while intoxicated.

In another study, it was discovered that about 75% of commercial motor vehicle drivers reported having encountered at least one kind of driving mishap due to drowsiness. The National Sleep Foundation also indicates that drivers who drive long miles at night are at a considerable risk of being involved in fall-asleep crashes.

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