If The Insurance Company For The Person Who Injured Me Calls, Should I Speak With Them?

January 3, 2014

Many personal injury lawyers in Buffalo have had to contend with an overly-aggressive insurance company at some point in their careers.  It is our opinion that anyone who has suffered a personal injury and is even considering making a claim for damages against the responsible party should absolutely avoid talking to anyone working for that party’s insurer.

Although an insurance adjuster may seem to be asking innocent questions regarding how the accident happened and your injuries, you should always remember that the insurance agent may be fishing for information that can be used to minimize the amount of money the insurance company must pay for your injuries. As a result, any statement you make that can be interpreted in a way that reduces their insured’s responsibility for the accident or indicates that you injuries were minor is likely to be used against you if you proceed with a personal injury claim.

If you have a personal injury attorney, you should always refuse to speak with the insurer and refer them to your attorney’s office. Typically a personal injury lawyer will contact the other party’s insurance company shortly after being hired and tell them not to have any further direct contact with you. The insurance company is legally required to comply with this request, and most insurance companies do. Occasionally, however, a particularly aggressive adjuster will continue to call. If this happens to you, you should not speak with them and inform your personal injury attorney immediately.

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