What Happens When A Driver With No Insurance Causes A Personal Injury?

May 9, 2014

Ideally, all Buffalo personal injury accidents would involve responsible drivers who insured their vehicles.  Obviously, this is not always the case.  If you have been injured by an uninsured vehicle, however, you should be aware that there are several laws in New York that may provide both medical and lost wage coverage for you and, if you have suffered a serious injury, allow you to recover for damages in a personal injury case.

Most importantly, your initial medical expenses and lost wages should be covered through your own automobile insurance under New York State’s No Fault law.  If you do not have car insurance, your initial treatment may instead be covered through a New York State government agency, the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnity Corporation (MVAIC).  As a result, under no circumstances should you decline medical treatment that you need following a car accident because you are afraid there is no insurance.  As long as you have your own insurance paid up, your initial treatment should be covered.

If you have suffered a serious injury, you may also be able to recover additional damages by making a personal injury claim.  If you carry Supplementary Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (SUM) coverage as part of your own insurance policy, you may recover up to the amount of SUM coverage you carry.  Even if you do not or do not have any car insurance of your own, you may be able to make a claim for additional funds up to $25,000 that would be paid by the MVAIC.

If you have suffered a serious injury caused by an uninsured driver, it helps to have an experienced personal injury lawyer who understands what funds may be available.  We can be reached at 716-400-0000.