Buffalo Injury Attorney Steve Boyd On Insurance Companies’ Built-In Advantage

August 8, 2013

Not every insurance company fights fair.  In fact there are rules that really favor the insurance company and give them an unfair advantage when it comes to personal injury cases in Buffalo and Western New York.

Attorneys and injury lawyers who take a personal injury case all the way to trial are not allowed to mention that this is an insurance claim.  They’re not allowed to mention the name of the insurance company for the defendant.  This creates a perception that the case is from the injured person against the person that injured them.  The truth is almost all Buffalo personal injury claims are between the injured person and the insurance company for the person that hurt them.  Buffalo injury attorneys are not allowed to tell that to the jury.

Buffalo injury lawyers cannot say the name of the insurance company.  That’s one of those built-in advantages that insurance companies have.  You can overcome that advantage by hiring a qualified personal injury attorney to level the playing field.  We are qualified Buffalo injury attorneys here at Steve Boyd, PC.  We take many cases to trial.  We’ve settled many more. If the insurance companies have an advantage over you, get the advantage over them: call us at Steve Boyd, PC, 716-400-0000. For more information visit us at http://www.steveboyd.com.