Father and son memories of the Buffalo Bills

September 14, 2014

Buffalo News:  Father and son

Moments after Steve Boyd heard the news of the Pegulas’ winning bid for the Bills, he was awash in memories of his dad, Jack, who died last year.

Boyd, an Amherst attorney, remembered how as a boy he held his father’s hand while they walked to the Old Rockpile with a paper bag full of bologna sandwiches.

He pictured his dad paying a quarter for a warm bag of peanuts, then climbing the steps to their seats, where his father would pull him close to warm him from the Buffalo cold.

He recalled his mom’s Sunday sauce and dinner on the table at half time. He remembered summer-evening drives that took him up Abbott Road to see Rich Stadium rise from the ground.

He thought about how he dragged his own kids out to Orchard Park for their first game and how he wanted so much to bond with them the way he did with his dad – not just as child and parent, but as Bills fans.

And he thought about how much his dad would have loved Tuesday’s news that the future of the Bills in Buffalo is secure.

As he reminisced, Boyd sat in his office, crying his eyes out, hoping no one would walk in.