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Steve Boyd, Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer
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Steve Boyd: Buffalo Personal Injury Attorney.

The thing that we hear most often from our new clients:  “I’ve never been one of  those lawsuit people.” 

With a good attorney, you may not have to be.  Most of our work is making insurance claims for pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses for people who’ve been injured in Buffalo and Western New York.

As an experienced personal injury attorney, I’ve settled hundreds of cases for millions of dollars. I work hard on every case which is why over 95 percent of our cases settle out of court.

Before I became a Buffalo attorney, I was a news reporter. As a journalist, I saw the harms caused by negligent and drunk drivers, irresponsible property owners, and dangerous products. I met injured people who needed help but whose insurance companies turned their backs on them. As a reporter, I saw those things, but couldn’t do anything about it.

As an Attorney I represent seriously injured people. I enjoy standing up for hardworking people from my hometown. I become personally involved in their stories and help them get their lives back together.

Western New Yorkers are good hardworking people who want, expect and deserve to be treated fairly. I love standing up for people like that. If you have been seriously injured, let me go to work for you.





Steve Boyd