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Steve Boyd, Buffalo Personal Injury Lawyer
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Steve Boyd is Buffalo’s Personal Injury Lawyer

I didn’t start out in life planning to sue anyone. Chances are, neither did you.

With a good attorney, you may not have to.

As an experienced personal injury attorney, I’ve settled hundreds of cases for millions of dollars. I work hard on every case which is why over 95 percent of our cases settle out of court.

Before I became a Buffalo attorney, I was a news reporter. As a journalist, I saw the harms caused by negligent and drunk drivers, irresponsible property owners, and dangerous products. I met injured people who needed help but whose insurance companies turned their backs on them. As a reporter, I saw those things, but couldn’t do anything about it.

As an Attorney I represent seriously injured people. I enjoy standing up for hardworking people from my hometown. I become personally involved in their stories and help them get their lives back together.

Western New Yorkers are good hardworking people who want, expect and deserve to be treated fairly. I love standing up for people like that. If you have been seriously injured, let me go to work for you.





Steve Boyd